Question from pokepals900

How much hp does the dark star have when you fight dark bowser?

How much hp does it have, because its been a
millenia since I started kicking its ass.
Is there a special way to kill him permanently?


Kraleck answered:

Dark Star Fawful's Core has 1,560 HP (2,340 HP with Challenge Medal equipped) and damage it takes stays (say you deal 900 points of damage, it will return with 660 HP, not 1,560 HP). Defeating it is the way to beat the final boss.

Shatter Fawful's Glasses first, then you can Snack Basket all of his Legs at once. The Core flees Bowser's Body 4 to 6 rounds after it enters and always regenerates the Glasses and Legs when it returns.
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gamefreek2_GMG answered:

Dark Bowser 1050 Regenerates
Glasses 300 x 2 Regenerates
Legs 240 x 3 Regenerates
Core 2045 Absolute
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