Question from tinkerbell0788

Asked: 5 years ago

How does Mario and Luigi tunnel underground??

I've looked everywhere I can, and talked to everyone, and I can't find anything about tunneling underground for Mario and Luigi. I'm at the part where the guy says he has an idea, but to come back when I can tunnel underground, and then also at the mall trying to find the pieces.. I have found some of them, but I think most of them are underground.

Additional details - 5 years ago

So then I have to wait to get back into his body later in the game, or have I already missed my chance for it?

Accepted Answer

From: MegaSlush 5 years ago

*Slight spoilers*
You get it when you're in Bowser's Energy Hold (in his body). You'll trigger a change sooner or later that'll give you access to it.

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This ability is mandatory so you can't miss it. Just proceed with the game and you'll get it in the Energy Hold like megaslush said.

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