Question from trickster2599

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat class 7?

Have lv 47 on both bros. and got to bowserx and died... and how do you get him to spit back up specials

Additional details - 4 years ago

Also will he suck them back up after using them when he spits them out

Accepted Answer

From: dillo9000 4 years ago

Wait about 6-8 turns and he will start spitting them back up, 2 at a time. learn to dodge his attacks, especially his 2 new ones:
goomba-jump then hammer
shy guy-hammer
fire breath-jump and grap starlow
small fire ball/spike ball-hammer
giant bowser-jump, then jump

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Wait for 3-4 Turns to get your specials back and master counters. Not much else to say because to do this challenge, there is no real strategy, just luck.

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After he spits them up, he can still inhale them again, so master every special.
If you always get Excellents, use the Excellent!!+Powerful Badge combo, if not the Excellent!+Powerful combo.
If you didnt already, buy the A-OK Wear for both bros.

Here's the gear I wore
A-OK Wear
DX Power Gloves
Tight Belt

A-OK Wear
Delicious Gloves
Tight Belt

The delicious gloves are underrated. since mario should have higher attack, if you need to heal, have luigi heal with super mushrooms and normal 1-ups, while you save the Deluxe 1-ups for if luigi faints.

Tight belts so you don't have to constantly waste turns using syrups.

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