Question from jellybeans12

Help with the warehouse?

I've found the grate shutter and mat on the floor. How do I turn the power on, where's the generator room? What do I do with the mat? And how can I burn the grate? I can't even get to the puzzle, it says it's too dangerous to burn it blind.

Please help me.


youngmelik answered:

I'm at the same part. I was able to burn the gate when I found a can on one of the tables look around you will find the can. Then you can burn the gate. I haven't figured out the rest yet. I found the gate that is needed to pull down. I found the electric panel but it won't let you do anything to it, so i'm looking around to see what else to do. If you find the generator please post.
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EmoTheaterNerd answered:

For the mat, after you have a vision about it, click it again and the mat should be gone, reveling a bullet hole. And I have no clue about the mat and the generator.
If you figure those out (like youngmelik requested) please post the solution.
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ColdPursuit answered:

Search around the warehouse and you will find a gear hanging on a wall. Go through the door near the gear it is not locked. The generator is in there.
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