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How do I beat Lucifer ?

All of my party LV are 99 but I can't beat he, does anyone know how to beat it?
My party are:
MC 99 ( Holy Dance, Samarecarm, Drain, Anti All, Null Pyhs, Victory Cry,Magic Yang)
Loki 99 ( Holy Dance, Drain, Maragidyne, Watchful, Anti All, Ice Repel)
Bishamon 99 ( Drain, Holy Dance, Samarecarm, Fire repel, Ice Repel, Null Mystic)
Who's stronger between Loki and Astaroth?

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enistoja31 answered:

ou could do one of the two semi-cheating ways: Recarm and/or Tyrant effect

Have two chars who have high strength attack Lucy and have the other two hold the fort.
If you're ussing Tyranny, you'll need two Tyrants (I know, grinding Astaroth is a pain). Have the two attackers have one Tyrant each, and keep on pushing Lucy's turn back.
If you're using Recarm, have again two teams with HIGH SPEED, and (preferibly) the four demons in that team to have Recarm, and the leaders to have a high strength. You go to Lucy and hit magic with both demons (Holy Dance and/or Drain work nicely), then with the leader use a Phys attack. This will kill the leader before Lucy can attack (hopefully). Use the other attacking team to revive the leader, and then attack Lucy with that team, again killing the leadere before Lucy can attack. This keeps any other char's turn from happening, and might spare you from screen-wide attacks.

Expect people to call you a cheater, but with this battle I honestly see no other way to finish
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youjustlost answered:

I'd go with Phys Repel, since Lucy's Pierce can't cut through it.
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Kira_Sip answered:

I think with u party u could defeat Lucifer very easily. The one who's stronger between Loki and Astaroth is Astaroth.
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LordButterfly answered:

Your party is great. I recommend Astaroth. Lucifer blows, but after the first form it gets better if you have Phys repel. A common strategy is frequent suspends and lots of reviving or the tyrant push back, where you keep Lucifer's turn from coming very often.
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Pitch_Sky answered:

It depends.If u wanted magical attacker then Loki is better.But if u want physical attacker then choose Astaroth instead.
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