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Asked: 5 years ago

Easiest Route?

Ok this is like the third time I had to retry the game 'cause the first time I tried I did amane's ending and got owned, second time I tried Haru/Gin's Route and I got owned again.... So which is the easiest route?

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Trust me I tried fusing new demons but since you can't really level up on enemies that are level 44 its pretty hard. Thanks for the help thought I am almost done Yuzu's route and I was wondering what LordButterfly ment by fusing with mitamas?

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From: LordButterfly 5 years ago

The easiest route is Yuzu's route. Fuse for higher level demons. If you really have trouble, I recommend using a strong Kishin (Bishamon, Koumoku) and a magic tank main character. If you like your old demons, fuse them w/ mitamas to give them nice boosts.

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Yuzu. Have you been fusing new demons?

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When you fuse with mitamas depending on which it is you get stat increases in certain stats.

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It depends on your skills but i think Yuzu's is the easiest since u don't need to fight the devas, bels, etc. About what lordbutterfly meant about mitamas, these are demons that allow u to get the same demon even after u fuse it (ex: Orthus+Ara Mitama=Orthus+3 strength boost). They're useful to use because if u fuse them manually (fuse same race demon to make element demon, then fuse different elements to make mitama, see fusion faqs for further info) it also inherits their skills so they're not only boost your demons stat but also can replace any passive skills and active. keep in mind that if u have a demon with very high stat without a balance in another(ex: Astaroth with 30 strength, 19 mag, 18 vit, 15 agil) the other stat will be decreased (Astaroth will have decreased strength if u boost other stat and vice versa).

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