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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat Belial?

I have my MC's lvl at 45 and the rest are around 40, my main strategy is to use the Phantasm/Evil Wave and it goes well untill he hits all my team mates with falling meteors, please help with this prob! >.<

Accepted Answer

From: Crystal_Dream 5 years ago

You can try what I did:
I gave my main character tons of high strength monsters to fight belial, and I gave Atsuro this one moster that can reflect physical attacks along with a monster that can use flight or anything like that (if you can, do the same with your 3rd teammate) because Belial usually attacks him and does more damage to himself than he can heal (provided that you attack too). Kill all the monsters (as Belial won't summon more until he's badly hurt) before rushing everyone to the stage as the main and yuzu are decoys (have one of them the ablility to use bind to help). Then when belial gets close enough, use atsuro and keisuke to teleport from the stage to where belial is (using flight or so) and attack all at once. If you have any power multi-moves like Deathbound or Holy Dance (ice dance works as well too), waste them against him.

When he's hurt enough, he'll summon demons at the beginning of the stage (which is why you should rush to the stage) and then use a move called Sodom Fire, which hurts everyone including Haru. If you can help it, don't bother trying to heal her: you need to heal your men and keep up the attack. It helps to have someone who knows high power ice moves, but that one dragon who has evil wave shouldn't be used: there's no extra turns, and even though Belial can't heal, because you can't move until at least 2 of Belial's turns. However, do have one ready in case Belial's dying and the monsters are closing in. Save often, and I hope you succeed

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use many ice attacks, attack from ranged keep healing equip things to do with physicaI attacks like nul phy st phy etc since he will be using mostly physical attacks, try using shield all to prevent party from getting hit.

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