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Asked: 5 years ago

What's the real name of the main character?

Can anyone tell me?

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From: Fayt127 5 years ago

As mentioned above, there is no "true" name for the MC. If there's ever a manga made about this game, that would be where the name would come from.

Some people suggest calling him Abel, because, for some of the ending routes, you find out that the MC is the reincarnation of the biblical Abel

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There is no true real name for the main character
but it should be considered Abel u'll understand wen u play the game

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It's the name you want it to be for it never hints that the MC's name is anything else than the name you give it.

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The real name for main character is Abel

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I guess he's called abel cause he is a-bel :)

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If you choose the Naoya ending, you will find out that the main character's real name is Abel.

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I named my Hero "Heero Ryuuzo"

But yea, he has no real name, but he's the reincarnation of Abel.

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