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How do I solve compact duel 3, 4, or 5?

Can someone tell me how to solve compact duel 3,4 or 5? Plis tell everything (wich card to activate, on wich)...


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Puzzle 3 - Kill Burden with raigeki break. Discard Speed Warrior. Play Junk Synchron, get Speed back. Get hedgehog back. Play turbo booster. Sync into colossal. Final Attack Orders. Skill Drain. Push into XYZ, both die. Get colossal. Push into XYZ. Get Colossal. Push into XYZ. Get Colossal. MST Skill Drain. 3k for game.

Puzzle 4 Destructotron force. Play telekinetic power well, get both back. Play Psychic Snail. Play snail's effect on Destructotron. Mind master away snail, get power injector. Mind master away Krebons, get Commander. Use Power Injector's effect. Play Sword onto Destructotron. Mind master attack reaper. Pay the rest of your lp. Reaper dies cause of commander's effect. Coolios. You now have

1900 + 4100 + 4100 + 1800 damage. Exactly enough for game.

Puzzle 5 is really quite fun. Obv, play dark core, discard dandylion kill the Atk position queen of thorns. Get 2 tokens. Activate Assault Mercenary's effect. Activate Assault Beast's effect. Synchro summon for stardust dragon using Arcane Magician or w/e. Search for Assault mode activate. Activate Copyplant's effect. Target Queen of Thorns. Normal Summon Night Wing Sorceress. Special Summon Quilbolt Hedgehog. Use copy plant + quilbolt -> red dragon archfiend. Set 2x Assault mode activate. Attack with Red Dragon clear their field. Attack with Night Wing. Attack with stardust. Assault mode activate, get assault mode stardust. Attack with that guy. Assault mode activate get red dragon assault mode guy. Attack for 3500. Use stardust to negate Red Dragon's effect to clear field. Red Dragon dies, get his synchro version push for 3k game.

1300 + 2500 + 3000 + 3500 + 3000 = 13 300 game.

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dan7799 answered:

The Faq's section has the information also
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MetaSkeith answered:

Puzzle 4 - Don't forget to activate Destructotron's effect befor attacking.

Also, thanks for info, really helped me out.
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Valhawk1018 answered:

For Puzzle 5,

After synchro both stardust and red and attacked with all ur monster, you can AMA on red, attack and use normal stardust to negate the effect and get red back, then AMA red again to do a overkill for 500 more dmg :P
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EmperorKivat answered:

ty i was stuck heres too =DD
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