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I need help with a elemental hero deck?

I need a deck liist for a elemental hero deck and also help on making one i want it to be like a jaden deck?

CrowBlackwings provided additional details:

I have 100% of all these packs dark beginning 1 and 2
dark revelation 1 and 2
soul of the duelist
rise of destiny
flaming eternity
the lost millennium
cybernetic revolution
elemental enegry
shadow of infinty
power of the dueliest
cyberdark impact
strike og neos
tactical evolution
phantom darkness
light of destruction
the duelist genesis
crimson crisis
invasion of worms
acceleration pack
yep 100 % of all these packs and some deck boxes and also need a good speed world elemental hero deck i got these all the packs 100% by downloading the strongest duelist ghost and beating him like 13 times

CrowBlackwings provided additional details:

Does any pay attioen i need help a need a deck list

CrowBlackwings provided additional details:

Does any pay attioen i need help a need a deck list and i dont care what type of e heros as long as iit good and is like jaden

CrowBlackwings provided additional details:

Somw of those cards r not in that pack and i want it to be like jadens deck

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saharyusho answered:

for a classic e hero deck(or close to it)
note: it has been a while since i have made an E hero deck so i'll do what i can and you can make modifications as needed and i am not good at making 40 card decks xD

deck= 41 cards

monsters(20 cards)
wildheart x3
avian x2
burstinax x2
bubbleman x2
clayman x2
bladedge x2
sparkman x3
wroughtweiler x2

spell (15 cards)
mirale fusion x3
Polymerization x3
heavy storm
mystical space typoon
E- emerency call
R- righteous justice
O- over soul
swords of revealing light
sky scaper x3

traps( 7 cards)
hero barrier x2
hero signal x2
mirror force
dust tornado x2

Extra deck:(15 cards)
flame wingman x2
shining flame wingman x2
wildedge x2
rampart blaster x2
thunder giant x2
mudballman x2
neriod shaman x2
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saharyusho answered:

What packs do you have unlocked 1st that would help so we know which ones you are able to obtain at the time being
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saharyusho answered:

which E hero card do you want to be the main focus of the deck
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dheer14 answered:

you should make two different E-Hero deck since the game has too many fusion. You can make one that has the common E-Hero cards that Jaden used in the show and another one with the new heroes.
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saharyusho answered:

i just put this up for like more of a blue print i made an E-hero deck(not a very good one) and tested it out its ok but the biggest weakest is if you can't get a fusion out you are not in a good situation

just play around with what ya got until you get it the way you want thats what i do with my decks
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eriknimblehands answered:

Here's the E-Hero deck I made. Works pretty good


Avian x 1
Burstinatrix x 1
Clayman x 1
Sparkman x 1
Bladedge x 1
Bubbleman x 1
Captain Gold x 2
Necroshade x1
Ocean x 1
Prisma x 3
Stratos x 1
Wildheart x 1
Woodsman x 1
King of the Swamp x 1
Sangan x 1


E - Emergency Call x 3
Fifth Hope x 1
Heavy Storm x 1
Lightning Vortex x 2
Miracle Fusion x 3
Monster Reborn x 1
Mystical SPace Typhoon x 1
Poly x 3
Pot of Greed x 1 (I use the use 1 ban card ban list :p )
Reinforcement of the Army x 1
Skyscraper x 3 (not skyscraper 2)


Hero Signal x 2
Magic Cylinder x 1
Mirror Force x 1
Sakaretsu Armor x 2


Absolute Zero (we really need this card IRL) x 1
Darkbright x 1
Electrum x 1
Flame Wingman x 1
Gaia x 1
Mudballman x 1
Plasma Vice x 1
Rampart Blaster x 1
Shining Flare Wingman x 1
Steam Healer x 1
Tempest x 1
Terra Firma x 1
Thunder Giant x 1
Wild Wingman x 1
Wildedge x 1

Not a Jaden deck per se, but it's a winner. It can be more streamlined, but I like getting out Electrum and Tempest on people. For a real winner, focus on SParkman, Prisma, Wildheart, maybe Clayman and Burstinatrix. Use fusion sub monsters to get out all kinds of stuff.

Man I hate the limits on the fusion deck now.
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