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What is the deal with Polymerization?

I tried the password thing to gain Polymerization, but it said that it couldn't access it due to it not being a card/not having the correct pack list. I check and the card is in the Dark Begining Pack. What is the deal?


essexboy1984 answered:

Did you get 80% of the cards in the pack? If so you should have the pack list for dark begining (go to the deck menu and select card list if you don't know what it means by pack list).

Hope that helps.
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Xanngur answered:

try puting it in as a card from LOB that was the pack it first apeared (not counting joeys deck)
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sms789 answered:

You must have the card or have 80% of dark beginning in order to get copies of polymerization.
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samg1427 answered:

80% of cards needed in a pack to get cards in that pack, You also need to pay DP
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