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All All Questions for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How to beat clone signers? 0
How can i beat this game and tournament 5 or more times?? 4
How do I beat (Akiza)? 6
How do I beat (the four gues like me)? 2
How do I beat Angie? 2
How do I beat fudawaga? 1
How do I beat Lenny the guy who goes is the boss? 2
How do I beat Lug? 2
How do I beat the 4 clones...? 3
How do i defeat trudge in the fortune cup ? 1
How do you defeat the four? 3
How do you get the Evil Hero Pack? 1
How to defeat Lenny? 1
I need help Yusei Fudo!?!?! 2
Is my Deck good enough to beat the 4 Clones? and Where do you get Monster Reborn? 2
Lenny the first boss ? 7
Whats the easiest way to beat the twins ? 2
World Championship Duelists Unlocks? 2
Are Yami/Jaden/Old Yu-Gi-Oh characters in this game? 4
Best Deck to Beat the Four Annoying Duelists? 1
Clonez? 1
How do I beat Alpha Beta Gamma and Delta? 5
How do I beat Alpha, Beta, Gamma...? 3
How do I beat dat guy with loads of bugs in da plant? 6
How do I beat golgar/vennominaga with elgio as tag partner? 2
How do I beat Ida? 4
How do I beat jack? 1
How do I beat Kameno? 3
How do i beat larry? 4
How do I beat the final 4? Any deck suggestions? 7
How do I beat the four ? 5
How do I beat The four chained??? 13
How do I beat the four clones and still have life points? 1
How do I beat the guy who always goes Ssssss? (Deck: Sss ss ss) 1
How do I beat the kid with the structer deck and unlock them ??/ 1
How do I unlock more these? 2
Please give me tips on how to edit my deck... , i'm on the hardest part. can you help? 3
Please rate this deck for defeating the 4 clones? 6
The final 4?????? 3
What deck/partner is best for beating the team of gunnie/orcus? 1
What is the best deck for beating Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta? 1
What's the best way to beat Lug (deck: from the sea) in the plant? 3
Where are leo and luna located after beating the game? 1
Who are the people i need to beat to get The Duelist Genesis? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Is there any way to get the "Legendary Flame Lord" card? 0
Any unobtainable cards besides Egyptian Gods? 3
Any1 no the cheat code for infinitte money? 5
Anyong know how to unlock duelist packs? 2
Are Savior Star Dragon and Savior Demon Dragon in this game? 2
Building some decks? 1
Can I use forbiden cards? 1
Can someone give me a Lightsworn Deck containing up to 50 cards? 7
Do u have to complete every difficulty for each corse to get yuseis duel frame? 1
Gladiator's Assualt? 1
HELLLLP with duelist genesis? 2
How can I better synchro monsters? 7
How can I gain access to Dark World cards? 3
How can I get Blue-Eyes White Dragon? 4
How Can I Get Lots of DP? 3
How can I unlock The Duelist Genesis? 4
How do I unlock Force of the Breaker? 2
How do i unlock more packs? 3
How do I use Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden? 4
How do i use the duel runner? 2
How do you get Academy Disk Blue? 1
How does wild style look like and how does wild style look like? 1
How to play online? 2
I beaten 20 duelists x5 ????? 1
I cant get the celista lightsworn and necro gardna cards ????? 4
If i get 90% cards, do i get to use a limited or semilimited card? 1
Is Rare Metal Dragon in this game? 2
Linking up to Wheelie Breakers? 1
On yugioh 5d's stardust accelerator whitch pack is proto cyber dragon in? 1
Remove From Play Deck? 2
Someone help me make a Evil Hero deck? 2
Structure Decks don't change when you leave/enter shop? 1
The Duelist Genesis ? 1
The perfect duel runner? 1
What deck should i put my machie deck for ???? 2
What is the deal with Polymerization? 4
Where can I find Academy Disk Blue? 1
Where can I find alot of dp? 2
Where can I find armed dragon lv 10? 1
Where can I find Bad Reaction to simochi card? 1
Where can I find Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame? 1
Where can I find dark magician and tytannial? 1
Where can I find Dragon Master Knight? 1
Where can I find Foolish Burial? 3
Where can I find item name production disk? 1
Where can I find Jinzo (card) other than the packs? 1
Where can i find Kaiba Corp Duel Disc? 2
Where can I find Montage Dragon? 1
Where can I find Nurse Reficule the fallen one card? 1
Where can I find Sand Gambler and Gambler of Legend? 1
Where can I find spell or trap cards? 1
Where can I find the cheerleader outfit? 1
Where can I find the god cards? 2
Where can I find these? 3
Where can i get Garuda the Wind Spirit , please ? 4
Where can i get Jenis the Lightsworn Mender and Lightsworn Sabre? 3
Which card pack? 1
Which pack is Solemn Wishes in? 1
Why can't i unlock elemtnal energy? 2
Anyone know cheat code to got money? 1
Are the God Cards, the Lord Cards, and the Wicked Cards playable in this game? 1
Are there only 3 different types of clothes you can get in the game? 2
Buying card pack help? 2
Can I get the shield-like duel disk ? 1
Can you get Ancient Fairie Dragon? 3
Can you Trade with? 5
Card Packs? 3
Clothing? 2
Crystal beast???? 1
Dark Renewal? 2
Egyptian gods? 8
Foolish burial ??? 1
Forbidden cards? 2
Help aBouT the forbiddEn cArdS? 3
Help with unlocking wild style please? 1
How can i buy a duel runner? 1
How can I get faster DP? 11
How do i get monster reborn spellcard >??? 1
How do i get more Tag-Partners in World Championship mode? 2
How do I obtain Dark Simorgh?? 1
How do i remove a tag partner if i don't need them? 2
How do I unlock Crossroad of Chaos and Duelist Genesis? 1
How do i unlock tournament 1? 1
How do I use Graverobber card? 2
How do you get Black Rose Dragon besides through the pack? 3
How to increase my duelist level? 2
I need a ligtssworn deck recipie ??? 1
I need help finding the hidden cards in the game? 1
I need to find dimension fissure? 1
Infernity monsters? 1
Is Solidarity in this game? 1
Is the Sorcerer of Dark Magic in the game? 2
Is there a card (trap) that prohibits any synchro summoning? 3
Is there any way to change the forbidden cards list? 1
Lightsworn card list???? 2
Need advise on a good lightsworn and evil hero deck? 1
Only 1 structure ddeck was avalibe and it was the defense 1 how do i get the dino deck ???? 6
Prison Chief? 1
Synchro Summon? 4
Trade cards with me? 2
What is stardust dragons duilist pack? 1
What packs are these cards in? 1
What's the password for the foolish burial magic card? 1
When are the god cards on wifi? 1
Where can I buy new cards? 1
Where can I find ( evil heroes ). besides the pack ? 1
Where can I find (are all level monsters in this game cause i cant seem to find them all for example:dark lucius)? 1
Where can I find (junk synchron)? 1
Where can I find a Plant deck? 1
Where can I find Akiza after beating the game? 1
Where can I find all of the "Lightsworn" cards? 3
Where can I find Blizzard Dragon? 2
Where can I find bottomless trap hole? 1
Where can I find Card Destruction? 1
Where can I find Mist Body? 1
Where can I find scrap iron scarecrow card ? 1
Where can I find Silent Swordman lv 0,silent swordman lv3, silent swordman lv7? 1
Where can I find Stardust Dragon and Black Rose Dragon? 1
Where can I find the 2 frames? 1
Where can i find the cards Card Of Safe Return, MST, ROTA, Smashing Ground, Swords Of Revealing Light, Solemn Judgment? 2
Where can i find the crystal beasts? 2
Where can I find the polymerzation card? 1
Where can I find the wicked dreadroot? 1
Where can I find the Yubel cards? 1
Where can I find these cards ? 1
Where can I get Montage Dragon? 1
Where can I get These packs? 2
Where can I grind for easy DP? 4
Which pack is sychron monsters in because I need new ones? 2
Why won't the game unlock packs? 2
Why wont Torrential Tribute appear!?!? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Can someone help me with my lightsworn deck? 0
I need a strategy? 0
Batteryman r/f/help? 2
BEST recipe for neos deck?!?!?!? 2
Can anyone help me improve my warrior deck? 5
Can someone give me a recipe of a DAD deck? 7
Can someone help me build a Black Rose Dragon Plant Deck? 5
Can someone make a good fiend deck? 1
CWhat is the best Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Deck? 1
Deck help ? 1
Duel runner? 1
Ehero and destiny hero and neo spacian deck help? 4
How can you defeat Lv 3 tournament 5 times to get Extra pack? 1
How do I get the cards i buy to my deck? 1
How do i unlock tornament opponets? 4
How do you counter LS, Tele-DAD, and GB decks? 5
How do you get all of the packs? 1
How do you get only the exodia cards in your deck? 1
I need help? 5
Information on the wi-fi ghosts with more than 50000 dp? 1
Instant win? 1
Lightsworn Deck? 1
Monarch deck help please? 3
Need help making a good yubel deck? 7
Need help whit a ciber dragon deck? 3
Need help with Tele-DAD Deck??? 2
RATE and/or ASSIST with improving my GEAR CRUSH DECK? 4
S-rank on timed races help? 3
Sangan ruling foo? 8
Strategi og the 5 different puzzle duels in the bar?! 2
Tag partner? 1
Tag Partners in story mode? 1
Toon Deck? 1
Turbo Recipe? 2
Twilight deck?? 2
What good deck types can I get? 2
What is the best card set to use?!?!?!? 7
What is the best Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl Deck? 3
What is the best deck for Stardust Dragon or Red Archfiend Dragon? 4
What is the best Neo-Spacian deck? 1
What is the best Sacred Beast Deck? 1
What is the best strategy for a dragon deck? 3
What is the best strategy for beating my clones? 1
What is the best strategy for crystal beast deck? 5
What is the best strategy for Dark Magician? 2
What is the best strategy for destiny heros? 2
What is the best strategy for having only the exodia pieces in your deck? 2
What is the best strategy for making copycat decks? 1
What is the best strategy for my main deck? 1
What is the best strategy for Securities in the compound? 3
What is the best strategy for the 4 clones? 1
What is the best strategy for Unlocking Lv 2 tournament? 2
What is the ultimate deck? 11
What kinds of cards should i put in to help me defeat gamma, beta, delta and alpha? 2
?Vennominaga Deck? 2
Any ideas for improving my gladiator beast deck? 1
Anyone have a decklist for a decent Evil Hero-based deck? 1
Can some one give me a good deck recipe for a arcana deck? 1
Can someone help my lightsworn deck be more efficient, trying to beat the 4? 1
Can u use an action replay? 1
Could someone help me build a burn deck? 1
Deck help? 1
Do draws affect your win streak? 1
Dragon deck help please? 1
Draw/ tie deck ? 2
good OTK? 1
Good Start(Escape with Duel Runner)? 1
Help to make this better!! (?) 4
How am i spose ta make a lightsworn deck when none of the paks have lightsworn cards???? 1
How do I have only 5 peices of exodia in my deck? 1
How do you increase your rating? 1
How to build DAD deck ? 2
How to make a Deck for Turbo Dueling? and some tips for make a Turbo deck? 1
How to win using venominagas effect ? 1
I need a decklist to help me summon and use Exodius' effect? 1
I need a decklist to help me summon Neos Wiseman? 1
I need a decklist to help me summon Vennominaga? 1
I need help to make the best dragon deck ever? 3
I'm too lazy too build a strategy of my own for an overall beatdown deck? 3
Ice barrier deck? 2
Konami Bonus -- how do I get it? 3
Lightsworn? 2
Make About 40 card decks? 3
Need idea for a light and dark deck? 1
Need ideas for a better dark deck? 1
Need ideas to make my deck better? 2
Rise Of The Dragon Lords? 2
Strategi og the 5 different puzzle duels in the bar? 1
The best deck? 1
The tag tournament.(partner)? 2
This is about a real life duel: To use the Enchanted Javelin trap card, a monster must be in defense position? 2
Turbo Duel Deck??? 2
Vennominaga deity summoning? 1
Volcanic Deck??????? 1
What cards should I put in my stardust dragon/assault mode deck? 1
What decks are used for beating lightsworn decks? 3
What does "LS" deck mean? 1
What is the best deck construction centered around the red-eyes dragons? 1
What is the best strategy for "Lightsworn" cards? 6
What is the best strategy for get past the security's? 1
What is the best strategy for getting bast the inbound center? 1
What is the best strategy for summoning vennominaga? 1
What is the best strategy for summoning yubel's third form? 1
What is the best strategy for Take again my deck and duel runner ? 1
Where i get cards such mirror force etc? 1
Where is overdrive teleporter? 1
Why isnt the god cards effect not working? 1
Wind deck? 1

Other Help Answers
Can't seem to do better then b rank in batltes ? 0
Friend codes? 0
Orcus and gunnie problem? 0
Resetting Duel Stats? 0
What is konami finnish? 0
Where can i find dark magician girl? 0
Which rom did GiantStitch712 use for Yu-Gi-Oh!5D'S Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009? 0
Action replay? 1
anyone know a cheat.DAT? 2
Anyone that can make save files? 1
Are there any other fish type tuner monsters in the game? 2
Blue eyes white dragon? 1
Blue-Eyes White Dragon 2nd Art Code? 1
Can someone rate my Crystal Beast Deck? 7
Can stardust accelerator link up with yu gi oh gx spirit caller? 2
Could someone trade with me my friend code is 5414 1073 2317? 1
Dark signers? 2
deck improvements for a Machiners deck ? 2
Decks? 1
Do i need to win to get a tag partner? 1
Does any one know any codes? 3
does the tag duel in (New Domino city) counted to unlock packs? 1
Duel puzzles? 1
Friend Code? 13
Ghost?? 5
Help can any one tell me how to get jack a a tag partner? 3
Help Please with ban list!? 1
How can i defeat larry? 2
how can i get turbo duel mode in WC or it don't have so how can i play turbo duel mode with my friend? 1
How can i unlock the banned cards? 2
How can i use victory dragon? 1
How can you get easy DP? 9
How do i download this game with english translation? 2
How do i get back deck and duel runner? 2
How do i get morphing jar? 2
How do I get out? 1
How do I get past this? (Tech error?) 1
How do I make a card the key card? 2
How do i transfer cards from one yugioh game to the next? 1
How do i use the saves? 1
How do use side deck? 1
How do you do a tag team duel? 1
How do you get past the guards? 3
How do you unlock story mode characters for use in world championship cpu duel mode? 2
How do you unlock tag team partners for WC mode? 1
How do you unlock the following tag teams? 1
How do you unlock the other tornament levels? 1
How do yu unlock more synchro monsters like ? 2
How do yu unlock tournament? 1
How do yu use yubel? 4
How many cards are featured in this game? 2
How many single duelists and tag duelists are in the game? 2
How many times do i use the duel runner in the game? 1
How to duel using my own recipe for easy dp? 1
how to Unlocking tag team in world tournament? 1
How tou use card code? 3
I can't find blister after I beat Akiza ? 1
I cant ask the people in detention center for duel,what should i do? 3
I need all cards ar please? 1
I need help ? 2
I need Tournament help? 1
I'm fighting angie & her lover? 1
Import friendly? 2
In story mode who uses a black feathers deck ? 2
In the world championship mode what dose the password do ? 2
Infintite money? 2
Is it out yet in america? 2
Is there a european stealth cheat for the impound break in? 1
Is there a way of seeing a win lose daw recod for a given npc in story mode? 1
Is there an AR code for ONE stardust dragon? 1
Is there code a ancient ruins in this game? 3
Is this game awesome and enjoying? 1
Kuriboh deck???? 1
Leo asked to be my partner i said yes and he went into me why cant i use him in the world champ mode? 1
link for Sav.? 1
Mage power and united we stand? 1
My card list is at question mark percent? 1
Name all frames? 1
Old cards? 1
Old Chateeuaueuaueuaueuaueu? 1
Pls tell me? 1
Pls tell me? equip cards 1
Position Change Bonus??? 1
Release date? 1
Shuld i buy this game? 4
Six samurai? 1
Stuck on 1st floor where to go? 1
The First Race? 1
The Lost Millennium? 2
The tournament? 1
To anyone that can make .SAV files, please help me? 1
Toon Cards? 1
Tournments? 1
What are the parts for duel runner? 1
What cards do i start out with when i first play? 1
What is and How Does the FC thing work? 1
What is the best pack to get Majestic star dragon? 1
What is the easiest way to earn money? 5
What is the name of the lightsworm deck called? 1
What is the side deck for? 1
What is tournament mode???? 2
What is your friend code? 7
What opponents can I get on WC mode ( single and tag opponents ) and how can I get them? 4
What other yugioh ds games (prier to 2009) can be connected for game play and/or card trade? 1
What packs can these cards be found in? 1
What partners can i take? 1
What should i do? 1
What should i do? pls? Larry what sre the cards should i obtain? 1
Whats wrong? 1
When can i duel yussei after i win d 1st turbo duel? 1
Where can I find yusei ? 1
Where can i have metalmorph? 1
Where can we tag team ? 1
Where is the password machine? 2
Where is whomper? 2
Which game should i buy this one or stardust accelerator for the ds? 1
Which opponent gives the most duel points for each defeat and how do you unlock them? 1
Why can't I get the very hard for time attack at the simmulator? 2
Why is Charge of the Light Brigade not in the game??? 2
Why is Cyber Dragon limited to 1? 4
Will we still be able to download cards after 2009? 2
Witch pack is the blue eyes ultimite dragon in? 1
10 times = Tag Partner? 1
A R codes?? 3
Ar codes? 1
Are all the cards available in real life available in this game? 2
Are the old characters in this game ? 1
Are there receipe duels? 2
Building a awsome dragon machine deck help ? 3
Can I come back to Satelite Slum area after I go to New Domino City? 1
Can I gain cards by typing the card code? 1
Can i get duel recipe from people that i duel ? and how many times to win ? 1
Can I unlock Level 3 tournament before Level 2? 1
Can i use the recipes to save a deck i made if so how? 1
Can someone just give me a list? 1
Can someone please give me some opinion for my Synchro Deck? 6
Can someone please give me some opinion for my Zombie Deck? 1
Can someone rate my neo spacian deck? 6
Can u have 2 decks in yugioh 5ds or world championship 08? 1
Can you do First turn kill (FTK) in the game? 4
Can you download duelists off of the leaderboard? 1
Can you rebattle the clones? 1
Can you recommend a good dragon deck? 1
Can you unlock Jack Atlas as a tag partner in WC mode of the story mode? 1
Can't beat the security guy in the duel runner race? 3
Cards that have special graphical effects when summoned? 1
Clothes? 2
Could someone list the unlockable tag partner for WC? 1
Dark World? 3
Do i need 15 people before the tournament is unlocked? 1
Does Wi-Fi play support voice chat? 1
Dragon Deck? 1
Dragon type tuners? 3
Elemental Hero Storm Neos need help summoning onto the field? 1
Eygiptyion Gods? 1
Getting cards by beating someone II ? 2
Getting cards by beating someone? 5
Give me a name that is non-tuner monsters? 1
Help!!!!!!!!!! Messed up!!!!????? 1
Help? 1
How can I unlock the level 3 ? 2
How can i use a fusion deck? 2
How can u race for fun when u completed the game? 1
How Do I get a Tag Duel partner? 1
How do i get into a duel with the dark magicians? 1
How do I get the level 1 tournament? 2
How do I unlock more tag duelists? 1
How do I unlock W.C. duelists? 1
How do iu the password machine? 2
How do u get 2 the tournament after story mode? 1
how do u get most of the GREAT tuning card's like Stardust Dragon & Red Dagon Archfiend? 1
How do u unlock a new card pack? 1
How do you download cards on wi-fi? 1
How do you duel the Shop keepers?? 1
How do you get the partner for tag team duel? 2
How do you get your own friend code, ( Help in Leader board, and Trading cards)? 1
How do you unlock story mode characters? 1
HOw do you unlock the tournaments? 2
How do you use the effect of cloak and dagger? 1
How in the hell do u get stardust dragon? 1
How many cpu are there in world championship ? 1
How many Structure decks can you buy? 3
How many tries did it take for you guys to beat trudge the second time you raced him? 1
How to put in passcode for cards? 1
How to unlock the ghost cpu in world championship ? 1
How wud yu unlock tournament? 1
I have a question about the unlockable characters???? 1
I need a deck ? 2
I need an elemental hero deck? 1
I need help with a elemental hero deck? 6
I unlocked 20 Tag opponents in WC but I haven't unlocked the tournament, help? 5
I'm stuck after duel runner in police? 1
I've beaten 19 duelist?255 battles is max 1
If I've already won a card from a story-line duelist, can I win another from him/her? 1
Imperial Iron Wall? 1
Import the game? 1
Is it possible to get WC opponents as tag partners? 1
Is there a deck that can beat anybody? 2
Is there a prize for getting all 24 S-Ranks in the duel runner simulation? 1
Is there a tag tournament in tournament mode? 1
Is there a way to keep track how many times you beat a person??? 1
Is there an easy way to find cards in the trunk? 1
Is there an opponent stronger than judgement dragon ?` 1
Is there Dark Magican in the Game ? 1
judgement Dragon - unlocking as CPU duelist in WC? 1
Mass driver? 1
Online after you win or lose a match you get to "select your impression of the opponent" What is the point off 3
Passwords? 1
Pentagon? 1
Plaguespreader zombie? 2
Please do me a favor (probably only takes about 5 mins. or less)? 1
Putting in codes? 1
Pyrimid? 2
Reaching first floor in two minutes and thirty sec? 1
Should i get this yugioh game or wheelie breakers for the wii? 2
Siner Help? 1
Stats help i need help understandiing the stats? 1
Tag partners? 2
The fence east of Satellite? 1
The God bonus? 5
Tournament? 1
Unlocking duelists and packs!!!??? 4
Unlocking Tournament Mode In WC? 1
Watt pack do i get sychrons? 1
WFC address? 1
What are some codes for this game? 1
What card can make a fusion? 1
What deck? 1
What do i do with my friend codes because i cant duel any of them ???? 1
What does rote stand for rota? 1
What does the little symbol below your name and deck type mean before you duel? 1
What does the thumbs up and heart mean on the pentagon? 1
What exactly is key card? 1
What is a DAD deck? 2
What is a great destiny board deck? 2
What is destruction of destiny card used for? 1
What is the best in-game Blackwing deck? 1
What is the best pack to get Majestic star dragon and star dust dragon and majestic dragon? 1
What is turbo dueling and what are the rules? 1
What kind of parts should i have on my duel runner when racing trudge for the second time in the pipe? 1
What Should i do the guy just keep sayn the same thing? 2
What three cards come with this game? 1
What would be the best card pack for making an "Alien" theme deck? 1
What?! No musician king?! 1
Whay can't I load my deck? 1
When and how I can get past the door to the port sector of New Domino City? 1
When I completed my turbo,what I have to do now? 1
When I download WiFi ghosts, it doesn't show up anywhere? 1
when I start new game...? 2
Where are time attack or whatever races?? 1
Where is Anna? 1
Where is card code guide? 1
Which is better, short or long battles? 2
Who uses black feathers deck in story mode ? and where to find the person in story mode ? 1
Who uses Black Feathers deck in story mode and where to find the person ? 2
Who uses CROW deck in the story mode ? And where to find it in story mode ? 9
Who uses the best elemental hero deck in cpu world championship ? 1
Why am I not unlocking opponents? 2
Why does the 5D starter deck keeps on coming in the shop? 2
Why in hell i can't unlock the tournaments!? 4
Will new packs like Raging Battle be available to download as they are released? 1

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