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Asked: 5 years ago

Tien's Evil Containment wave?

What use does it have, I mean, sure its a OHKO, but it does major damage to tien, and mostly fails for me

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From: MyollnirCatra 5 years ago

If you've played Pokemon, it shouldn't be too hard to understand. You have to weaken the enemy substantially (and when I say that, I mean A LOT.) and just hope it works. You can increase the power of the attack using AP points to increase the effectiveness of it, and having the Rice Cooker capsule equipped on Standby to improve its success rate a bit. Once you get the Scouter, you can see the enemy's current HP and that makes sealing enemies much easier. I still fail occasionally, but I've been having better luck since I got it to Lv3. As for a reason to seal all the enemy types, I don't know that, but I'm currently trying. Also, as Tien gains levels, the damage won't be so bad. Out of 1120 HP, Tien loses about 200 HP per use.

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It's basically Pokemon.
Lower a monsters HP will increase the chance substantially.
Inflicting a status ailment (especially Paralyzation and Sleep) will increase the chance.
Rice Cooker, Better Rice Cooker and Best Rice Cooker will increase the chance some/a lot/dramatically.

When you're hunting the monsters, equip Tien with the Equipment (Ring/Necklace/Bracelet) that increases Health. You can give up to 600 additonal Hitpoints this way.

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There is a quest you can do for Kami that involves catching all the different types of enemys

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