Question from nguyenqkhoa

Wonder mail codes for golden mask and seeds?

I need it because i want to get more people to beat my brother at it and i need to also be a stronger pokemon to get them so plz give me some wonder codes for them plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

nguyenqkhoa provided additional details:

I only want wonder mail codes and what i mean about seeds i mean reviver seeds

nguyenqkhoa provided additional details:

Ok now i did a quick save and i played and turn off anf forgot to quick save again so i lost these items can u give me wonder codes for them: oran berries, shadow claw(i only need 1), and orange gummis

nguyenqkhoa provided additional details:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaam u quick save!

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imprulz answered:

You can refer to the thread here for useful items that might suit your needs:
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andibad answered:

Hm i will list wm code i have.
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El_Schemo answered:

Uh, no. That is for Time and Darkness.
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a1sk72 answered:

Ya its for time and darkness
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