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Celebi? How do I recruit one?

I've been to the mystifying forest tons of times, and I went to the tenth floor. I have the secret slab. Why can't I find a Celebi?

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pkmntrainerJ10 answered:

This MIGHT help, Goto mystifying forest reach the 10th floor, make sure you have manaphy in the team roster(Do not bring him) hold either secret slab/mystery part, when you find celebi, hold either Golden Mask/ Amber tear. Thats how I got Celebi
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mtpfreak answered:

I'm not sure, but I believe you have to meet another condition before it can appear, maybe like finishing all of the storyline.
But I also seem to recall the guide having a mistake in it, I think Celebi might actually be on Floor 13?

This is why you should use the Recruitment search, when you're in a dungeon, bring up your menu, select other and select Recruitment search, check if Celebi's name is on the list.

Oh, and make sure you actually bring the secret slab with you. :P
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Quartz123 answered:

Celebi is one of the legendaries that need a secret slab or mystery part, these pokemon also need one more requirement, unlock marine resort.

:3 i like see-ree-all OM NOM NOM!
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DemondatArms answered:

Secret Slab or Mystery Part at Mystifying Forest 10F
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sontendofan answered:

Celebi isn't going to appear right away. You have to walk around and look for it. If you don't find it after walking through the whole floor, try again and Celebi will come out eventually.
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