Question from lyon999

Wondermail code for secret slab and mystery part?

Anyone have a Wondermail code for those. Can you try to not make really hard ones like one in mt avalanche. thanks if you fiind one =D

lyon999 provided additional details:

Thanks for the secret slab one now all i need is mystery part

lyon999 provided additional details:

Thank you for the mystery part :)

Accepted Answer

Master_Espeon answered:

I don't remember the details, but this should be a mystery part prospect code for Landslide Cave

1Q5QP 2M5QJ@T 3+P2@
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sonictrainer answered:

Client: Houndoom
Objective: Prospect with Houndoom
Place: Beach Cave 2F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: D
Wonder Mail S:
Q905R @WJ==@& 4QHY7
#T2R9 KP7RF=J 1%MT3
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cr4zyyxm4n answered:

They're both the same I don't know why you need both.
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