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All Legendary Recruitment Rate?

What are the recruitment chance for ALL the legendary pokemon? This includes the Guardians of the 7 treasures. Also, what would the rate be with the Golden mask equipped and the Higher level bonus. (i.e. Th higher the level, the easier it is to recruit pokemon.) This is a big question, so please DO NOT answer if you don't have all the answers and aren't 100% sure there right. Thank you. =D

Accepted Answer

Natural_Fighter answered:

Uxie- just go back and battle again. It's 100%
Mesprit- same
Azelf- same
Dialga- same
Palkia- same
Regigigas- same
Shaymin- Revisit the top of Sky Peak and talk to Shaymin.
Phione- Revisit Miracle Sea and reach it's end
Cresselia- talk to her at Sharpedo Bluff after defeating Darkrai
Manaphy- happens automatically a few days after defeating Darkrai
The seven guardians, as well as the other three Regi pokemon, have a 50 percent chance of recruitment that I don't believe can be changed by level or Golden Masks.
Even the Official guide doesn't give a percentage on the rest but they do put them in ranks. 5 being extremely easy to recruit and 0 being extremely hard. These below also require you to hold the Secret Slab in specific dungeons.
Zapdos- Rank 5, and is found in Amp Plains on the 7th floor
Moltres-Rank 5 and is found in Giant Volcano on the 10th floor
Lugia-Rank 5 and is found in Surrounded Sea on the 18th floor
Ho-Oh-Rank 5 and is found in Mt Mistral on the 19th floor
Celebi-Rank 5 and is found in Mystifying Forest on the 10th floor
Latias-Rank 1 and is found in either Spacial Rift on the 10th floor or Happy Outlook on the 19th floor
Latios-Rank 1 and is found in either Deep Spacia Rift on the 5th floor or Midnight Forest on the 24th floor
Deoxys-Rank 0 and is found in Shimmer Hill on the 17th floor
Darkrai-Rank 0 and is found in Mystifying Forest, Lower Crevice Cave, Miracle Sea, Mt Travail, and Spacial Rift.
All the legendary pokemon that challenge your team to a duel will always be recruited afterwards.

As far as your other question, your recruitment rate goes up at level 30, 40, 50, and remains that way until level 100 when it gets a major boost and your recruitment rate almost doubles. The Golden Mask is nearly the same as having a level 100 leader. So combining a level 100 with a Golden Mask and possibly the Fast Friend IQ skill gives you a 50 percent chance of recruiting Darkrai, who is the hardest pokemon to recruit. I hope this helps.
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