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Nature test?

Can somebody give me nature test info.

shnauzer8 provided additional details:

@TheGreatLetdown i know those all i need is the answers to the questions to get a piplup boy

shnauzer8 provided additional details:

@TheGreatLetdown i need the answers to get a boy piplup i already knew what you said

shnauzer8 provided additional details:

I got it thanks

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TheGreatLetdown answered:

Someone wrote an FAQ on it, so here's a small sample of it.

Starter Pokemon Natures/Genders

Electric Type
Pikachu Brave Males or Hasty Females
Shinx Hasty Males

Fighting Type
Riolu Sassy Males

Fire Type
Charmander Docile Males or Brave Females
Vulpix Relaxed Females
Cydnaquil Timid Males or Calm Females
Torchic Hardy Males or Rash Females
Chimchar Naive Males or Impish Females

Grass Type
Bulbasaur Lonely Males or Docile Females
Chikorita Calm Males or Quiet Females
Treecko Quiet Males or Hardy Females
Turtwig Bold Males or Timid Females

Ground Type
Phanpy Relaxed Males

Normal Type
Eevee Jolly Females
Skitty Naive Females

Water Type
Squirtle Quirky Males or Bold Females
Totodile Jolly Males or Sassy Females
Mudkip Rash Males or Lonely Females
Piplup Impish Males or Quirky Females

In total, there are 16 different natures: Brave, Bold, Calm, Docile, Hardy,
Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Lonely, Naive, Quiet, Quirky, Rash, Relaxed, Sassy, and
Timid. Depending on the gender and nature, you can get the Pokemon you want.
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TheGreatLetdown answered:

Well I don't know ALL of the question's options just try to be impish heres a few.

Q: You're at a movie theater. What are you there to see?
An action movie. (Impish +2, Sassy +1)

Q: You discover a beat-up-looking treasure chest in some ruins. What do you do?
Open it! (Brave +2, Hasty +2, Impish +2, Rash +1)

Q: Have you ever forgotten you bought something and bought another one?
Yes. (Hasty +1, Quirky +2, Rash +1)

Q: Do you like karaoke?
No. (Hasty +1, Timid +1)

Q: You're hiking up a mountain when you reach diverging paths. Which kind do
you take?
Narrow. (Impish +2, Naive +1)

Q: Your friend takes a spectacular fall! What do you do?
Laugh! It's too funny! (Impish +2, Naive +2, Rash +1)

Q: Do you think you have good study habits?
Well, I never lose at sports! (Impish +2)

Q: You're eating at a very fancy restaurant known for its food. Which course
do you select?
Seared steak. (Impish +2, Naive +2)

Q: Everyone's sharing a dessert, and there's an extra piece. What do you do?
First come, first served! (Impish +2)

Q: How are your mornings?
Always in a rush! (Brave +2, Impish +2)

Q: You're in a completely silent assembly when you suddenly hear someone pass
gas! How do you react?
Just let it go by... (Docile +1, Impish +1)

Q: You want to reveal that you like someone a whole bunch! What do you do?
State it clearly for all to hear! (Bold +1, Brave +2, and Impish +2)

Q: You see a big and comfortable bed. Your first reaction is to...
Belly flop! (Impish +2)

Q: You're daydreaming...when your friend sprays you with water! What do you do?
Woo-hoo! Water fight! (Impish +2, Jolly +2, Naive +2)

I know it's not ALL of the questions but atleast it's a few of them =)
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firagaz answered:

well if you get the questions he posted, select those that would + the impish trait. If a question doesnt have something that +impishness, just aselect one that increases the least of something else. also you could check the faq for the mroe questions?
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firagaz answered:

Ah yes and the boy piplup just thiink about being impish :D( i dont know what it means but...) choose the answers that display for being a boy, at the end, there will be a question are you a boy / abviously select boy XP
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