Question from Zeldafan77

Asked: 5 years ago

"Reached a destination floor, but where is the target Pokemon?"

Pokemon is not on floor and it has happened with both and outlaw and rescue mission.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Why? What did I do wrong?

Accepted Answer

From: classicgamer83 5 years ago

It's a rare occasion, but your target has not appeared, and you're forced to revisit this mission on a later day.

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As far as I know, you did nothing.

I prefer to think of this as a "middle finger." I don't like it when it happens to me either.

You either reset, or leave and come back tomorrow.

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A couple of them, they'll actually run away from you.
i've also had one where you had to search for them. if so, look for a pokemon out of place or surviving attacks they shouldn't be normally. hope you don't meet them in hallways.

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