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Wonder mail code for blue gummi?

Anyone know a wonder mail code for blue gummis

metalock989 provided additional details:

I need one more

metalock989 provided additional details:

Nvm the first one, just keep posting

metalock989 provided additional details:

I found one so no need to keep on posting


cr4zyyxm4n answered:

Location: Apple Woods 6F
Mission: Rescue Caterpie.
Client: Caterpie
Restriction: None
Reward: Blue Gummi + random

Wonder Mail S (US/AU):
FX62R K5%RK+J =R5&J
=WM+& #-NN%35 KK42Y
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kelvinsoberalor answered:

This wonder mail code has as a reward a super rare item that helps you with the IQ

0Y==- +@2C30X Y6WW%
#W+52 8P@6YSP WT7YF
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Danny00618 answered:

Kelvinsoberalor your code is invalid so nobody bother trying it.
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subtekjnr answered:

Close the question then
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MajinSheBuu answered:
make any wondermail code you want with any reward.
I've been using it since i got the game works perfect
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dibbion answered:

I have no clue what you're talking about, MajinSheBuu, but I got that code to work.
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