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Why I can't Evolve?!!!??!!?

I have a level 52 shinx for my main character and a level 50 mudkip. I've already unlocked marine resort, I've definitely beaten darkrai, i've even recruited palkia (which is not even a requirement), everything! Yet the stupid spring said something like, "Begone, there is no purpose for you here." What's going on here ?

Gerhard_Paladin provided additional details:

Hey, one more thing, I've been told by the ursarings, and I've visited that stupid spring again and again after that! What's happening?!!??


pichufreak answered:

talk to the ursaring if they said that luminous spring has changed then u can evolve. Just wait a few days.
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I'm not sure what happened. Maybe there is a glitch. I evolved without any problems.
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bluemoon24 answered:

I agree pichufreak is right but you have to have manaphy join you...
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Jennifer1525 answered:

Okay, you are able to evolve at a much later time. You must first recruit Palkia, bring it to Luminous Spring, and then you will be able to evolve your original leader and partner.
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pokemon245 answered:

The bosses you have to beat are drowzee,groudon, luxio/manectric,met celebie, dusknoir, primal dialga, wigglytuff, saved scizor, helped manaphy, regigigas, and beaten darkrai.
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ACflower answered:

Maybe you have the freezing glitch. In the USA explorers of time if you have ten characters in you pokemon's name/nickname your game won't let that pokemon evolve.
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