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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find eggs?

I mean does anyone know the wondermail codes for an egg?

Additional details - 4 years ago

For the alakazam one a character is missing but thanks for the other two

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From: cr4zyyxm4n 4 years ago

Here some ways to get eggs:
Wondermail codes
Doing missions with Reward as ???
Making drinks at the Spinda Cafe and a special event will occur and a pokemon will give you an egg

Here are some wondermails that reward you with eggs (Note: I generated these).

Location: Drenched Bluff 2F
Mission: Rescue Wartortle.
Client: Blastoise
Restriction: None
Reward: Egg

Wonder Mail S (US/AU):
FX9K- QK9W+0S 3=5=5

Location: Drenched Bluff 3F
Mission: Rescue Vulpix.
Client: Ninetails
Restriction: None
Reward: Egg

Wonder Mail S (US/AU):
&3@Y3 9T=7P-4 %CN2J

Location: Drenched Bluff 4F
Mission: Rescue Kadabra.
Client: Alakazam
Restriction: None
Reward: Egg

Wonder Mail S (US/AU):
#C1+S =HP7MSX 9%N8

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What do those eggs hatch to

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