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How to get to the end of the game again?

Hey it's me again whoever wanted me to be more specific well here it is Im level 76 my partner is level 75 and Im way pasted, kind of almost near the end I think but I don't know how many missions I'v done so if someone has done the game before please tell.

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Um but only one problem is I've done everything in the story. Including Darkrai and Manaphy and Marine Resort everything. And like I was saying I've done a bunch of missions and what is post story or whatever it's called. And also does any body know how and where to get arcius?

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protobakurion answered:

You cannot get Arceus. Srry
But you can get him on the Japanese WiiWare mystery dungeon games. Therefore, you are done bit you can continue to play the game to defeat and unlock all dungeons, recruit all Pokemon, finish all special episodes, get all items, and get all Pokemon to level 100 with the biggest exploration rank there is. Is this enough information?
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mario_bros_fan answered:

The final event in the game is Manaphy's return, which gives you Marine Resort. If you've done that, you're done with all things storyline-related.

Also, I recommend not asking a brand new question whenever someone wants you to be more specific, assuming that's what you'd done.
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