Question from girlmagnet96

Happiny and metang?

How do i evolve them

Accepted Answer

SmokeRulz answered:

Well first off, you need to have beaten the main storyline and opened up the Luminous Spring, which allows you to evolve Pokemon. Otherwise:

Metang - Level it up to at least level 45, then take it to Luminous Spring, and you can evolve it.

Happiny - You need to have both an Oval Stone and a Sun Ribbon. It is possible (but VERY rare) that you'll see one of these as a mission reward, so ALWAYS check the Job & Outlaw boards for missions and their prizes. Otherwise, Oval Stones can be found in very rare Kecleon shops that sell evolution items in Happy Outlook, Mt. Mistral, Shimmer Hill, & Lost Wilderness. Sun Ribbons, meanwhile, must be found in Golden Chambers. So try missions that involve leading someone to a Golden Chamber, and make sure you can move across water somehow (Mobile Scarf is good).
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