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Vulpix evolution?

How do i evolve vulpix? i beat darkrai and i evolved my starter pokemon(riolu). my starter partner is vulpix and she wont evolve. I heard that i need a fire stone but if so, where do i find one

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Eeveelution741 answered:

Yes, you need a fire stone. Just get one via wondermail. Here's a wonder mail s:

Great Volcano 11F
%R#3W HJ2&#TK 7@ =K@
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AngelPeach answered:

If you don't want to take a job to get one, you do have a chance at finding one in one of the Kecleon Shops found in certain places, like the Mystifying Forest. It also doesn't take as much to buy like it did in Time/Darkness. I think it's only 1000 Poke or something like that.
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LuxrayLover answered:

With most item evolutions you also need a link box
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