Question from lucasdpr

How do I beat the Grand Master of all things bad?

here is my team and moveset:

riolu - lvl 46

force palm
focus punch
rock slide
drain punch

turtwig - lvl 35

mega drain
razor leaf

what should I change?

Accepted Answer

kittykara3121 answered:

The Grand Master of all things bad is you having to defeat the guild and every one in it. You don't exactly have to change your team or moves but you might want to try adding seeds that will make your opponents dizzy or have crosseyed vision what you should do is defeat the weaker members of the guild like bidoof or sunflora first and then go for the harder ones like crogaunk or chatot and save wiggilytuff for last. Usually if you use a seed on wiggilytuff then he'll be out for almost the whole battle. Also try to get rid of dugtrio and diglet first one or both of them know's earthquake witch will kill you and your team easily. Basically bring lots of healing items seeds that you use on opponents and reviver seeds and you should be able to beat the Grand Master of all things bad easily.
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