Question from Creature9111

Asked: 5 years ago

what do I need to evolve riolu into lucario?

I'm finally at the point in the game that I can evolve, my partner treeko was able to, but I was not. So if you know the item I need please tell me.

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From: pokeplayer100 5 years ago

You need to have your Riolu have a 2-3 star IQ level and you need a Sun Ribbon,I think that's what it called.

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pokeplayer 100 is wrong. All you need is an IQ of 1 and a half IQ with a sun ribbon. If riolu is your starter pokemon all you need to do is defeat palkia, come back to him, recruit him, and you can evolve your starters.

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No, to evolve starters in this game you just need the Marine Resort. But you do need 1-1.5 IQ and the sun ribbon.

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