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Asked: 4 years ago

What level should my guys be before trying to climb to the top of sky peak?

My cyndaquil is lvl 39 and my riolu is lvl 40. Is that good enough to scale sky peak?

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From: Mi10tic_Fan 4 years ago

Meh, Piplup and Torchic was lv 37 when I scaled it, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Sky Peak is among the easiest dungeons. With 10 parts to climb, it's not that hard at all. And we're accompanied with a lv 55 Shaymin.

For the bosses, we are accompanied by team Frontier (but I doubt about their help). I suggest a Pokemon that knows a one-room damage move to assist you in the boss fights, you'll need it.

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Sky Peak is very easy, you can escape very often, and store/withdraw items very often too.
Level 40 might offer a little challenge but you can do it.

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I Would Say About Level 45 And Above Since You Gonna Be Fighting Rayquaza Which His Level Is 49 And Has The Ability To Cancel All Weather Status. I Recommend Usin Electric , Fire , Grass And Ice That Way You Have A Balance Out Team. Hope This Helps

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I went up there with my riolu level 41 and treecko level 40

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When i went up sky peak we were 53, but the top has grimer and muks and it was really hard it took me 5 times so I say 56. (When aganist them protect shaymin

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You're good to go, but make sure you can target multiple enemies at once, you'll need to do that TWICE while going up (excluding Monster Houses, if there are any).

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I was Lv 48 and at a type disadvantage against the bosses because I play as Riolu. Just be at Lv45 or higher and everything will be fine. Also, you may want to teach one of your members of your team Wide Slash (Riolu)and bring around 3 reviver seeds. Keep Smokescreen on Cyndaquil though, as you WILL depend on it. Trust me, my Cyndaquil saved my neck in the boss battle by Smokescreening almost every enemy.

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i was Lv 45 when i climbes sky peak. It isn't a hard dungeon, if you know a move that's multiple pokemon at once.

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Yeah, I made at Level 39 (Riolu) and 37(Chickorita). It isnt that hard but on the second boss it can get tough because of shymin's type disadvantage.

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