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Asked: 5 years ago

How do u recuit a skarmory ?

I need a skarmory so i can teach it to fly. to help beat rayquaza and so i can recruit it to.

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Can you give me skarmorys code please?

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You defeat a lot of Skarmory. Make sure your leader gets the final hit. Friend bow, Golden mask, Amber Tear and your leader's level increase your chance of recruitment.

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This wonder mail does so.

+YFF= 6Q=CJ%0 -9Y3T
FN&+T R&PP91% 0-KPT

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Skarmory are found in sky stair way.they r steel and flying type so take electric types with you and kill them on the first floor until u get one.

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They can be clients of missions so if the reward is ??? it could be an egg or most likely the client will want to join ur team.

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H=5T& 9020HN8 K659Q
6Q6=8 8@390QJ 39MN9

ALL clients who join will be level 1.
Hey,thats kinda freaky because say your escorting a level 19 and then it asks to join you and thats like eating

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