Question from firagaz

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get to raikou?

Ive been trying to get to him for a long time and since the challenge says 24th floor in southeastern islands, ive been going there with me lvl 61 lu cario and I keep dying.
Any tips on surviving with the 9 item limit or another wondermail S that has a lower lvl? highest level rea ched was 14 XP

Additional details - 4 years ago

erm this is the southeastern islands not zero south isle XP

what about apples and max elixers? and all the other items like petrify orb and stuffs so there might not be enough slots for 1< reviver seeds XP

Additional details - 4 years ago

what is considered "incredibly high stats"? i think my lucario's atack is 110 ... XP

Accepted Answer

From: Mi10tic_Fan 4 years ago

You might consider to bring more Max Elixirs or a Pokemon with incredibly high stats. Those Grudge Traps are annoying right, so it's either spamming moves to defeat them and lose your PP or keep attacking with your regular attacks so you won't lose your PP after attacking a Pokemon holding a Grudge.

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Simple, use a good Pokemon for the Zero Isles: Smoochum.

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Bring all 9 slots with reviver seeds.

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Well you could try and bring all reviver and try your luck but i would bring 5_6 reviver and 2 sleep seeds the rest up to you try to also bring those x ray specs to help you avoid pokemon and get items you might want to train there at the last floor till the boos

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Bring 3 reviver seeds and 3 max elixers

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Which pokemon should i b out of these:
Level 87 raichu
Level 91 umbreon
Level 82 mew two
P.S raichus moves r discharge,thunderbolt,focus punch and thunderwave
umbreons moves r payback,tackle+1,trump card and i cant remember the last move but it is strong
mew twos moves r me first,psychic,psycho cut and mist.

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A surefire technique is to throw a Hunger Seed at it, so its attacks all do 1 damage.

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"Incredibly high stats" means what your stats must be around the 200s. Preferably 255. But if you wouldn't waste your time buffing out your Pokemon's stats, Max Elixirs is a great help as stated in my previous reply.

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