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Asked: 4 years ago

Action replay Hero mod help?!?

I have looked everywhere online for help with this. does anyone have a WORKING hero mod code, i can change the pokemon hex if someone can copy/paste their code for me :( or if someone can explain how to use the code, and/or how to correctly put the pkmn hex into the mod code??

Additional details - 4 years ago

i said WORKING mod code. that's the first site i go to when i need codes. the code doesnt work on my game, that's why i posted the question... i replaced sky with darkness and used the codes for darkness instead and they work so far. but a code that works for sky would still be appreciated :)

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Go on and sereach pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky click action replay

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Hero Pokemon Mod
122b5158 00000XXX

change XXX to hex

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