Question from girlmagnet96

Asked: 4 years ago

Lunar ribbon?

What does it do?

Accepted Answer

From: FatRatKnight 4 years ago

Useful only for evolving Pokemon.

You need to have one to evolve certain Pokemon at Luminous Spring. This place is unlocked after beating Mystifying Forest, found after the credits, after all 20 chapters of the Main Story.

In any case, the Lunar Ribbon can evolve these four Pokemon:

Eevee -> Umbreon (Also needs almost 1.5 stars IQ)
Chingling -> Chimecho (Also needs almost 1.5 stars IQ)
Sneasel -> Weavile (Also needs another item: Razor Claw)
Gligar -> Gliscor (Also needs another item: Razor Fang)

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