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What is a link cable?

I want an electrivire, and my guidebook says something about a link cable, I am thinking it has something to do with connecting games, since in D/P/PL you traded a electabuzz holding a special item.

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Wait, can't you trade teams?

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Link Cable - Item used for evolution.

It acts much like any other evolution item, such as a Fire Stone, and is used up upon evolving a Pokemon that needs this item.

There is no way to trade Pokemon in the Mystery Dungeon series, nothing like the main series. The Link Cable item is a replacement for the lack of this mechanic. The same is done for other non-existent mechanics, such as time, location, or Beauty based evolutions, where each of these are turned into item requirements.

So instead of trading the Pokemon to evolve it, you use an item. It just happens to use the name Link Cable.

This item is found at Kecleon shops in Mystifying Forest, Lake Afar, and Midnight Forest.

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Trade teams? I say again: Nothing like the main series.

All that does is open up another option in Marowak Dojo. You may fight a copy of the team that has been traded into your game. There is no further interaction as far as trading teams go.

You can't use them as part of your own group when going into any dungeon. And more importantly, it has nothing to do with evolution, which is what you're asking about. "Trade teams" is a completely different mechanic than the usual trading you know of in the main series -- The two aren't related.

Any other details that come to mind?

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