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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I unlock the hidden santa story?

Is it true that if you have all minikits,extras,maps, cocept arts,characters and game 100?150% you unlock the santa story or do you ulock it another way? because on the roblox webside in blogs they had a pictiur of santa story.

Additional details - 5 years ago and hellbent games said so on the e3 confrence!!!

Additional details - 5 years ago

You need o have unlocked invinciblitiy with the cheat.

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From: WickedNick 5 years ago

You can change the DS date to December 25th and Santa will unlock.

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Never heard of that. I have bought everything at the Lego Store and i'm only 99% complete. I think i have to do a few more Conquests for 100% completion. Do you have a link to the pics?

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I just got 100% and nothing new appeared anywhere. I would say there is no Santa story mode.

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There is no Santa story, just Santa. In my opinion, he is the best hero in the game.

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