Question from LittleGreenDog

Asked: 5 years ago

Download Play?

Does this game have download play incase a friend wants to play but doesn't have a seperate game card?

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From: Xirvet 5 years ago

Yes, it's actually one of the best games on the DS so far for that. You can actually play every competition and minigames you have in Single-player mode with your friend (I know, I tested it with my sister yesterday and she didn't had the game). Also, you can select them freely and even let your friend (who dosen't have the game) choose the characters he wants anytime.

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Since the original had it, it's highly likely the new one will too. I wouldn't trust my word, though... I don't even have the game yet. Try getting it and seeing for yourself.

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This game does in fact have download play.

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