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What is the best strategy for (flute)?

I cant get past the first song u have to play with the flute in the forrest with the spirit guuide any tips?

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Yes ty for the tips i can finaly get on with the game

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xnamkcor answered:

Pretend Like you are whistling, but don't make a tone.
Blow slow and soft so you don't run out of air.
"Grab" the flute from the middle so you can access all the notes.
Go to the Options and test the mic.
See how hard you have to blow before it registers.
Hold it close to your face.

Make short rapid breaths
Hold it far away
Blow as hard as you can
Breath on in like a bathroom mirror
Smoke cigarettes
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MetalKingBoo answered:

There isn't really any proper strategy for playing the flute... just practice a bit by following the notes and do little blows. You have to start blowing about a second after the spirit guide finishes his part.

Don't blow too hard and don't move the flute too fast, or you'll accidentally play other notes.
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RazorOokami answered:

Put your mouth on the mic and hum. Works for me. Granted Im using a DS fat.
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fishfu answered:

You don't have to stop blowing into the mic when you change notes. You can just set the first note and start blowing. Then just slide the flute from one note to the next. Most songs don't require you to skip over certain notes.
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rbleader answered:

I couldn't get past the 4th song with the love of god. Then I used a can of air to "blow" the DS while I used the hands to "grab" the flute. Hope this helps.
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masterscuba answered:

A Hair Blower
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masterscuba answered:

Or try farting melodically
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