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ORGRE Pirate on the way to ocean sanctuary?

Is there any easier way to beat him before he steals the sage of the ocean temple?
Other than hitting him is there any earier way?

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Mega_Hacks115 answered:

You have to keep attacking until he lifts his mace and swings at you, at that time, you have to dodge and repeat. After a while, you have to dodge for a longer time, as he swings twice so just keep attacking and also kill those tiny guys who try to steal Carben. The main thing is that you keep attacking and dodging.
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hassifa answered:

You should be able to buy the Bomb bag from the balloon shop, and then throw bombs at the ogre if you are tired of just hitting it in the a\back all the time.
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DamnGiver answered:

Attck from the front, it's just the same, but you'll have an easier time finding your way to Carben if the lil' guys com in.
And when he is charging his attack be sure to back off, because it may stun you for a few seconds and thats just what they need to catch Carben.

Hope this helped you.
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srelysian answered:

I had an issue here as well, i didn't use bombs for it (though you should get them from beedle the minute his shop is open). All i did was vigorously attack him until i saw his arm come up for a swing, then double tap to roll away from him. Repeat until he dies. He doesn't move forward very much unless you are dazed, so the trick is NOT to get hit by him. Once you get this technique down, he shouldn't even make it half-way.
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Passcode241 answered:

Adding to what srelysian said, he will eventually do a double whack. just wait until his hand goes back to his right side then continue the assault.
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FFZeldaAddicted answered:

I found that the best way is to attack him from the front with your back to Carben until he lifts his mace, which at that time you should dodge him. When monsters start to come in, look at the map on top of the screen, it also helps if you stand next to Carben so it is easier to defend him.
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