Question from darkninja20

Mega ice help?

What is the best way to get the ice to the fire to the goron village without it all melting? plz help


wilco64256 answered:

It's a fairly short route to begin with, just take the straighest course you can, max out your train speed, and kill any enemies that popup as quickly as possible.
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Zimzat answered:

The first time you have to take ice to the village you can't take the most direct route on the Fire rails. There is a train that only moves when you approach it, blocking that route. You'll have to carefully go up and around it. I only had 8 ice left by the time I got to the village and they accepted that; I'm willing to guess you can show up with as little as 5 and still have it count.

The second time you need to bring ice the most direct route is open again so I had it with much more than the necessary 10 remaining.
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rockerman2828 answered:

The Gorons are a very satisfied bunch of people, so they don't need much ice. Going north, past the Dark Train near the Shooting Range, and then bypassing the next few trains in whatever route you take will get you enough. I went the longest route and they still accepted it.
The second, you don't need to worry about the Dark Train blocking your way so head straight there and you've got it.
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Highlighter_14 answered:

What you need to do is go to wellspring station (where you dropped the anouki from anouki village off at earlier off in the game.) collect mega ice in the freight cart and bring it back to goron village. in y opinion though, portals from wellspring station to the fire realm help ALOT.
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