Question from Laurenke12

Asked: 5 years ago

how do I play the song to unlock the fire temple?

I have been playing this song for like the 50th time and still it says that I'm improvising. Are there any tips somebod can give me to pass this puzzle?

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From: Kraleck 5 years ago

Jumpnotes are tricky with panflutes (especially in a touch-and-microphone-based game). You have to quickly shift from Yellow to Blue (skipping Orange) for the last 2 notes while constantly blowing into the mic for the entire Purple, Yellow, Purple, Yellow, Blue. Practice deep breathing yoga exercises to help (deeply in and out very slowly through the nose).

I had trouble with jumpnotes with the Ocean duet, too. A quick swipe of the stylus instead of a slow stroke helps hit the jumpnotes properly (works for the Fire duet). Do the practice session a lot if you still cannot get it.

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