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Asked: 5 years ago

Warp gates?

How do I make them work? I've used the cannon and whistle.

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I have talked to the camera dude,

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From: Hylian79 5 years ago

This seems to only work once the triangles appear over them. Shoot the triangle with the cannon and then hold down on the whistle- this will open the portal.

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Warps work when you find the other warp. For example, when you find a warp that does not have a triangle on the top, keep looking for another one in another realm or in the same realm until you find one that does. After shooting the upside down triangle with a bomb, use the whistle to open the warp (must keep the whistle blowing until you've gone through the warp.) Then you will be warped to another warp, whether it was the one that was found first or one that had already been found. Remember to take note of where the warp is and where it warps to. Use numbers or symbols so that you can identify where it take you. Also remember that some warps can only be found after acquiring a certain force gem(s). (The force gem obviously unlocks more tracks for the spirit train to run on.)

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You shoot the green triangle on the ones with the triangle, then to use it, just blow your whistle until you reach it.

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