Question from temporal_tyrant

How do I get past yhe 15th floor in the spirit tower?

I can't make a brige appear over the sandpit in the top left corner.


DarthVivec answered:

Well, to reach that room you go through a corridor with an eye. From a safe spot, not to far away from the corner, draw out your Boomerang and throw it to the eye, trying to make it hit in such a way that it pushes the eye in the correct direction and approach it as needed and once it's finally on the other side "summon" Zelda and kill the eye.
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Kraleck answered:

Stun the Phantom Eye with the Boomerang and use the Whirlwind to blow it across the sand. Now you can warp Phantom Zelda to the Eye and onto one of the switches. Took me over an hour to solve that particular trick on my own (and that's saying something).
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Runewizard answered:

You can have the eye latch onto you and run over to the sand pit so that the Warp Phantoms end up in the sand, and then walk to the side with the switches and shake it off, and warp Zelda over.
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