Question from Jolt_the_raichu

spirit tracks won't work with my AR how do I get it to work?

I have the right region thing and everything but everytime I load the game up it says unknown game, all I want to do is get all the train parts so this is really annoying DX
please help

vassie98 asked for clarification:

I have cheats on my ds card
But when I select one and I start my game, you see that nintento opening screen and it doesen't dissapeer
Please help

I have M3 DS Real, Version 3.7/ AR Game Code: BKIE 94771A5D

Jolt_the_raichu provided additional details:

I tried doing that it now comes up with the game but the cheats don't work


JosJuice answered:

Since Spirit Tracks is a very new game, there is no pre-installed data for it in your AR. You'll have to load in some codes from your computer.
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Videospieler answered:

You'll have to add this game to your AR, an easy way to tell if it hasn't been added to your AR yet is if there's a game ID displayed in the lower right. Additionally, if you got your AR well before Spirit Tracks, then this game won't be recognized by your AR; at least not until you've added it to your AR.

Adding a new game is similar to adding a new code for a game, except that you enter the name of the game and the game ID. I'd suggest writing down the game ID the AR gives you. If you still have that connector for the AR, then you can download the game codes. Personally, I've never done it that way; I've always done it manually.
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