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Map sent from Niko - Outset Village?

Ive just received map from Niko with 2 X on it. Im at Outset Village at plam trees with X, what do i have to do or use ? thanks

Mario_M_Mario asked for clarification:

There is no outset village


MetalKingBoo answered:

Use the song of Discovery to reveal 2 hidden treasure chests.

That song is the game's equivalent to Phantom Hourglass's shovel.
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Destroyer_713 answered:

Play the Song of Discovery near those X 's.
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baratron answered:

Mario_M_Mario: Outset Village is the European version's name for Aboda village.
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Kraleck answered:

Song of Discovery. You'll find 2 random Treasures. I got a pair of Pearl Necklaces, so they may be Uncommon (150 Rupee) Treasures.
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RedLugia answered:

stand on one of the X and then play the Song Of Discovery to find a hidden treasure, then do the same thing with the other X.
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DarknessXD999 answered:

Just so you know, mark your map of Outset Village[Aboda Village] where the X's are and play the Song of Discovery if you have it . Where you think the X is go next to it[standing on it didn't work for me] and play the Spirit Flute.
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pens444444 answered:

Ask yo mama
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