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Realm of the demon train?

How do i defeat Maladus?

DarknessXD999 asked for clarification:

Hey tareeb, I need to know what part for Malladus. I know how to beat everything in the game.


Richter_SOTN answered:

Check this guide
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yossynes answered:

Get 2 potion and try to smash all meteors in 1st part then sing a song then hit his leg then look on upper screen then press arrow icon, do 3 time then hit his horn then use arrow 3 times then hit his horn then use arrow one time then attack then rub on screen
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Link959 answered:

Malladus on the train- Lead Zelda to Malladus. Cole will fire these spiritual rat things at her, chop them all down with your lokomo sword. If it hits her, she glows blue! Quickly take out your boomerang and throw it at the blue strings behind her. Once she's free, you can keep leading her to Malladus. Soon, Malladus will fire a lasor at Zelda. STAY BEHIND HER! You'll get hit if you go infront. Later, Cole sends the rats individually at a time. The train might also move, but that wont matter if Zelda still has the course set. Target Malladus, so she grabs her. Then shoot Malladus with the light arrow! Later, Zelda gets her body back. She's going to charge her spiritual energy. Keep Malladus from spewing meteors at her. tap all the meteors. When they suround her, do a spin attack. Keep smacking the meteors until Zelda is fully charged. Then play a lokomo song (Ugh..) CORRECTLY (This is the hardest one yet, I'm suprised i made it the first time, i didnt do that well..) so Malladus is weakened. Now Zelda will take your bow of light. Distract Malladus, and when Zelda has a clear shot of the symbol on his back, shoot. Rinse and repeat, until he's down. Then attack Malladus for the final time! (It always ends with a thrust in the head or the eye...) Rub the screen, then Zelda walks over to you. She helps you push. Keep rubbing until Malladus is defeated!
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