Question from danie1908

What is the sidequest for the stone vessel from the wise one?

I have the stone vessel but I don't know what to do with it.


TyVulpine answered:

Take it to the Snow Sanctuary. (Use the warp east of Papuchia to warp to the Snow area)
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Man0fBass answered:

Take the vessel to Steem at the Snow Sanctuary. You can buy the vessel the 1st time for 50 rupees. (?) Take the warp gate on the island past the Ocean Sanctuary and you'll end up near Anouki Village. Don't take the tunnel, as killing the one-eyed spiders is annoying around the turns. Instead, go east and to the Snow Sanctuary. Steem will give you a Force Gem, which unlocks either the Snowdrift (west of Snow Temple) or the Slippery Station (NE most on the map) If you get hit, you fail so I recommend saving before you buy the vessel from the wise one. And now, going out on a British note, I bid you good luck, good chap! XD

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pens444444 answered:

Do things
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