Question from Codebreaker1234

How do i get to dark Link?

I saw on a video that dark link was a boss at the tower of spirits after you get the bow of light but i cant find him so can you tell me where he is or fi he is even in the game at all.

Accepted Answer

redjoko answered:

You go to the purple house in the castel town and go in the red door and go and defeat the monsters and beat the bosses remember to get to some potion and when you beat the bosses you go in a room ond there is no music so distroy pots and get whats in the pots and go in the room up ahead and dark link will come up he is not to hard so throw bombs and hit him with the blade when you are done the chick gives you a crapy jade.
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Chris309005 answered:

I beaten the game a couple of times and I did not see any Dark Links around the Tower of Spirits. I think that video you mentioned was a scam.
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Swordsaver answered:

He's in the game, he is a mini boss in that mini survival game in hyrule town
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maiki_13 answered:

Go to Castle Town and complete the last Survival game, he is the final boss there. He is fairly annoying to fight too.
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