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How do I get the compass of light?

I'm thinking that the map Niko gives you has something to do with it. On the three doors that need small keys I opened the one on the right and I have the torch phantom. Do I have the things I need to get it besides the Wrecker Phantom?

hmelvin83 provided additional details:

I'm stuck on the final floor now, with all the phantoms everywhere. Zelda talks to one and says "This is where the Elite Phantoms hang out". I thought of getting a warp phantom and getting caught by an eye
then get to a close area. I did it, but it doesn't work!


GameGeek137 answered:

Look at one of the FAQs for the game, because if I explain it, it will be way to long. But I know what you are talking about. Did you try to throw a bomb in the top left corner of th room where its all dark? Because that will get you somewhere.
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