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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I open the Ocean \Temple?

I just cant figure out where the entrance is I also dont know where to place this question dont ask I'm a newbie.

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You need to get the note the lokokomo gave you write the places on the map numbered just like he wrote it.

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When the lokomo gives you a note it will have three island marked 1 ,2 ,and 3 on those islands bow the whistle the whole time you are on the island and somewhere on the island a red light will turn to blue except number 3 on number three you will see a pole with a red ball on it blow the whistle and it will turn blue then once all the red balls have turned blue a big stone fish will appear you have to drive the train into it and then you are in the ocean

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All you do is jot down the lokomotive note then blow your whistle when ever you get near the numbers then these pearls will glow blue in when you do them in that spefic order bye # 3 this cave will open then you go down it and your near the ocean temple oh and these other trains willl pop up you should go around them thengo back to the temple and after that your in th temple ps i add some extra help

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The first ball is on top of a mountain on the east side of the map, the second is north of that (when you go through the little cave, the ball is actually outside the cave and hard to see so just blow the whistle as you go through the cave. The third ball is south of the entrance to the underwater area (south of the "dead end")

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