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Asked: 4 years ago

Is my game missing a Switch in the Sand Temple?

Zelda Spirit Tracks: Sand Temple

THE ROOM AFTER THE FIRST BLUE BLOCK PUZZLE, there's a room where you need to get a boulder onto the hammer, set on the floor switch so that the bridge extends and get the boulder to break down the stone wall. Then you can get off the floor switch (which retracts the bridge) and hit a switch across the gap so that you do not need the floor switch to keep the bridge open.

But... the switch isn't on the other side of the gap, therefore I cannot open the bridge and proceed. What should I do?

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There is no switch on the other side, you get across by rolling another boulder on top of the switch, opening out the bridge so you can get across.

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There is definitely a switch in the strategy guide (hard cover one). I have also tried using a boulder, but it doesn't seem to keep the switch on for long enough to get across.

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I realize this question was posted a long time ago but did you try moving a boulder so it was on the switch? I didn't see a second switch on the other side either.

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