Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Always pass song action replay code? 2
Am I in the right place? 4
Are there prizes for bringing cargo to chars after they give force gems? 3
Are they or do they sell the Spirit Flute? 4
can anyone give step by step how to help Kagoron to get Mega Ice?? 4
Can I ever rescue any more villagers from the pirates? 2
Can I skip the regal ring quest? 6
Can somebody Show me a Map of Warp Gate Locations? 5
Dark Ore and Linebeck help? (Read similar posts, didn't really help) 2
Do you get a heart container from "Goron Target Range"? 1
Does anyone know how to solve the maze at Disorientation Station? 4
Does anyone know how to solve the puzzles from ends of the world station? 5
does the fence in Anouki village is being done ever? 1
Escort man in Outset Village (UK starter village)? 2
Ferrus? 1
Fire Realm's Lokomo song help? 2
Goron and anouki to opposite village? 2
Grrrrrrrrrrr, the sand sanctuary song!!!!!? 1
Help with Ocean Temple Entrance? 2
Hey i need to know where to find this symbol please? 1
How can I beat the final flute song? (malludus battle) 4
how can I get Dark ore? 5
How can I get to the stamp post in the fire temple? 1
How can I pass the Sand Song? 8
How can I play Embrose's song? 4
How come the ocean sanctuary song doesn't work for me? 1
How do I bring 5 Dark Ores to Linebeck without running out so fast? 1
How do I change the first orb to get to the ocean temple? 3
How do I do the music playing with Steem? 1
How do I draw the Symbol to enter Carden's abode? 4
How do I figure out all of Ferrus's letters? 3
How do I find Alfonzo? 5
How do I find Carben and how do I find the stone under a lonely palm tree? 7
How do I find the bridge worker after he fixed the bridge? 5
How do I find the man that the women in the PAPUCHIA VILLAGE wants to marry? 2
How do I get carbon down? 2
How do I get Ferras to leave Adoba? 2
How do i get Ferrus Letter#2??? 10
How do I get Force gem #6 and #7? 1
How do I get more points from the pirate mini game? 7
How do i get past a certian log with my whip? 1
How do I get past the 16th floor in the spirit tower? 1
how do I get the door open to OCEAN STATURES? 3
how do i get the Master Key on the Spirit Tower? 2
How do I get the mega ice to the goron village? 1
How do I get the Stone Vessel from the wise one? 1
How do i get to dark Link? 4
How do I get to Disorientation Station? 2
How do I get to the end of the earth station? 2
how do I get to the first locomo? 5
How do i get to the pirate hideout? 1
How do I get to the sand temple? 2
How do i get to the third locom in the village on the bird in the papuchia village? 3
How do I open the chest in the 3rd floor in spirit tower? 3
How do I pass the snow sanctuary? 1
How do I pass tower at 13th-14th floor? 1
how do I play the song to unlock the fire temple? 1
How do I play the songs for the Lokomos I always do something wrong? 2
How do I play the songs for the lolomos? 1
How do I pronounce Byrne? 4
How do I pronounce Ferrus? 6
How do I protect Carben from the final pirate boss?? 3
How do I shoot red eye in the tower of sprits floor 19(the left one) ? 1
How do I solve "Enemy Game in Hyrule"? 3
How do I solve (Ferrus letter no.3)? 1
How do I solve (Floor 30 bombed wall? 1
How do I solve bell mistake in snow temple? 1
How do I solve carben's letter? 3
How do I solve finding the sidequest to unlock the rails going north to the Fire Realm from the Ocean Ream? 2
How do I solve finding the symbol? 1
How do I solve forest? 1
How do I solve ocean sanctuary? 5
How do I solve puzzle in the tower floor 16? 4
How do I solve Regal Ring? 3
How do I solve Snow Realm ice dungeon ice floor? 2
How do I solve the broken bridge? 3
How do I solve the final puzzle at the Ends of the Earth Station? 2
How do I solve the fish quest? 3
How do I solve the last lokomo song in the sand temple? 17
How do I solve the last two races at the Slippery Station? 1
How do I solve the Linebeck/Dark Ore quest? 2
How do I solve the puzzle for getting the key for the door on b1 of the desert temple? 2
How do I solve the puzzle in the spirit tower floor 20? 1
How do I solve the quest of the missing men in Papuchia village? 4
How do I solve the room with the fish? 2
How do I solve The sand sanctuary? 2
How do I solve the seeker of the key must draw the symbol that sleeps in this room? 1
How do I solve the Skating Rink puzzle? 3
How do I solve the?? 8
How do I solve this puzzle in the sand temple? 2
How do i solve this Puzzle? fourth visit to Spirit Tower 2
How do I solve this side quest? 2
How do I solve zelda spirit tracks? 3
How do I took honey from tree (without getting stung by bees) ? 5
How do I unlock a teleporter? 1
How do I unlock the area directly to the west of Aboda Village? 1
How do I unlock the Pirate Hideout? 9
How do I unlock the southwest tracks in the forest realm? 2
How do you complete the Whip game in less than 1.15? 1
How do you get past the second trial to get to the sand temple? 1
How do you get the mega ice to the fish woman without it melting? 1
How do you get the Regal Ring? I don't get it! 2
How many levels of 'cuteness' does the 'cute' girl have? 4
How to open the door at the fire sanctuary?? 9
I can't GIVE the fish to the woman in Castle Town? 2
I cant open the red door in the ocean place any sugestions? 3
I dont know how to solve the three blades in the ocean temple... anyone can help??? 2
I have a prblm at level 20 in spirit tower.... i hate read the walkthrough b'coz it makes me dizzier.. anyone can help?? 2
I have lost the ice making anouki? 1
I need last rabbits? 3
I'm here again (if u know who i am) to ask a question.. i have another problem at the ocean temple. any can help??? 4
In room 29?????? 1
Is it possible to get 900< hits in sword training? 1
Is the final Boss flute song extra picky? (I play the right notes) 7
Is there a complete list of all the side quests? 2
Is there a stamping station in castle town(where)?What about tower of spirits(where)? 2
Kid's asking for birds? 1
Ocean Sanctuary? 3
Ocean temple master key help? 4
Pirate Hideout Tips?? 1
Rael's song (sand lokomo)? 3
Sidequest that unlocks the secret rails that go from the Goron Target Range straight down to the Ocean Ream? 1
Song of Discovery and Bird songs, clues when/where to use it? 1
Sword Training 200 hits? 8
Swordsman Scroll from Nico? 1
Take 'em All On Challenge help? 4
The boulders puzzle in ocean temple 2nd floor...? 1
The kid in Aboda Village that wants to fly? 1
Unreachable chest in ToS? 2
Warp gates? 3
Were can i find the cocos? 3
Were is the dark ore mine? 2
What are battles (on the notice board)? 3
What if I failed to catch some bunnies? Can I still catch them? 1
What is his destination? 4
What the heck is the deal with Carben's song?? 2
What's an easier way to complete the song with Rael? 2
What/Where is the World Station? 4
When are all the trades available for purhcase? 1
When do you get ferrus letter #3? (possible spoilers) 2
Where are all the Ferrus locations? 3
Where are the rabbits? 1
Where can I find Cuccos? 1
Where do i find the stone to learn the song for CARBEN? 1
Where do I get the force gems leading to the following stations ? 2
Where do I take the Anouki passenger after delivering the lumber? 2
Where do I take this vase? 1
Where does teacher go? 2
Where i have 2 go 2 get something cold??(at fire realm) 2
Where is the lumber and handy man? 1
Where is the Snow sanctuary sage vessel? 1
Which side quest requires Goron Iron? 5
Whip race prize? 1
Who do I get Lumber for the fence construction in Anouki Village? 2
Why is this song is hard?! 3
Zelda won't put the electrified boss key into the keyhole, even though I draw a line to the boss keyhole? 1

Item Location Help Answers
A fast way to get these items? 3
action replay codes for US Version? 14
Anyone else can't get a grip using the whip? 1
Are thereonly 16 hearts in game? 3
Arrow bag!!!! Final upgrade? 1
Beedle card? 2
Bomb Bag Upgrade? 3
Can you carry 50 bombs? 3
Can you do anything with the bee nests? 1
Can you get more than 2 Alchemy Stones and Regal Rings? 4
Can you help me find the first fish statue on the way to Marine Temple please? 1
Do ice, iron, and lumber have any use after you do their specific quests? 2
Do the cannons become more powerful? 2
Does anyone have an AR Code (US) for all rabbits? 2
Does the Yellow potion work automatically? 1
Dragon Scale Issues? 1
How can i get a stamp book? 2
How can I get the 50 arrow quiver now? 2
How can I score high enough (5500+) in the pirate mini game? 3
how do I equip the train parts? 2
How do I get Tears of Light for my train? 2
How do i get the golden parts for the train? 1
How do I get the stamps in the bridge workers home and in the fire sancutary? 1
How do i pick up Bee Larva? 3
How do I sell treasures? 3
How do I switch between my recruit outfit and engineer uniform? 2
How do I unlock Golden train parts? 3
How do i use the swordman scroll1? 2
How do you get the tear of light from the phantom on the fourth floor ? ( Dark and scary) 2
How do you keep sand wand from freezing Link's movements? 4
How do you open the chest on the island in Rabbit Haven? 3
How is the DEMON FOSSIL common if its REALLY hard to find? 1
How is the shield used? 3
How many points to get regal ring or alchemy stone from sword training? 2
How to get this treasure chest? 1
I can't get fish to the lady in castle town? 2
If i lose it can i get it again (Shield of antiquity)? 1
If you buy a train car from Linebeck's store can you get rid of it? 1
Is there a medium or large quiver? If there is where can I get it? 1
Is there a way to replenish the fairy? 1
Is there an easy way to obtain dragon scales? 3
Is there any difference between the train parts? 3
Is there any way you can restore the items at the ends of the earth station? 1
New Sword? 4
Please help in finding key to gain entry to staircase leading to floor 15? 1
Please help with regular ring? 1
Postcards game? 2
Price Postcards? 2
Pritate Stamp at Hideout? 2
Question about engines? 1
Rupee,s? 2
Sand lokomo song tips? 3
Song Help!!!? 5
Spirit Tower Floor 2 treaures? 1
Stronger train parts? 1
Tactics for bow of light? 2
The good powder? 1
Third set of clothes? 2
Treasure Chests? 2
Treasures in Castle town? 1
Ummm.... okay? 2
What are all the trains you can get? 1
What is the fastest way to gain money? 3
What should I usethe Freebee card on in Beetle's Shop? 2
What's wrong with the stupid mic/spirit flute? 5
Where and how can I find dragon scales? 2
Where and How Do I Get DemonFossil's? 1
Where and How Do I Get Pearl Necklace? 1
Where and How Do I Get Star Fragment? 3
Where can I find (Dark Ore)? 3
Where can I find (Sand Temple Stamp)? 2
Where can I find (the bridge worker)? 1
Where can I find 2 Alchemy Stones and 2 Regal Rings? 2
Where can I find a demon fossil and dark pearl loop? 3
Where can I find a freight car for my train? 3
Where can I find a vessel? 1
Where can I find all the battle items, like whip, boomerang, etc? 1
Where can I find all the force gems? 6
Where can I find bombs? 2
Where can I find bomchus and the arrow ? 3
Where can I find boss key in sand temple? 3
Where can I find Demon Fossils, Wood Hearts, Bee Larvae, Star Fragments, & Stalfos Skulls? 2
Where can I find Goron amber and Mystic Jades? 8
Where can I find last weapon ? 4
Where can I find lots of Demon Fossils and Bee Larvae?!?! 2
Where can I find more Ancient Gold Pieces? 3
Where can I find Mystic Jade? 5
Where can I find new train parts and when do i unlock it? 2
Where can I find Palace Dishes? 3
Where can I find Pearl Necklaces without using a lot of time/rupees? 3
Where can I find Pearl Necklaces? 1
Where can I find Regal Rings and Alchemy Stones? 5
Where can I find Ruto Crown? 3
Where can I find Snow Rabbits? 2
Where can I find the cart? 1
Where can I find the freight car? 1
Where can I find the heart container #5? 1
Where can I find the regal ring? 2
Where can I find the stamp at Sand Sanctuary?? 1
Where can I find the stamp location in the ocean temple? 1
Where can I find whatever is beside the engineer's certificate on the collection screen? 2
Where can I find white pearl loop? 1
Where can I get Palace Dishes? 4
Where Do I Get Dragon Scales? 1
Where do you get a bow? 2
Where else can I find Demon Fossils? 2
Where is the first Swordman's Scroll? 13
Who do I talk to to get Force gems 6 and 7??? 1
Will Beedle ever sell anything more expensive than a treasure you can sell for 500 ruppees? 1

Level Help Answers
2nd floor Spirit Tower? 1
3 Markers in ocean area to get underwater? 7
Can I exit the Lost at Sea station maze once I begin? 1
Did I screw up on the Arrow minigame at the Pirate's Hideout? 2
Fire realm 3 keys? 4
Floor 9: The Tower of Spirits? 1
Hi can someone help me get off level 5, Marine Temple on Zelda spirit tracks? 1
How do i get across the beams on floor 6 of the Marine temple..please? 2
How do I get into the Dark Ore Mine? 2
How do I get left above of floor 20 spirit tower? 1
How do I get past (the song for the ocean sanctuary)? 1
How do I get past floor 29-30? 2
How do I get past snow temple ? 1
How do I get past the final Spirit Tower level? 1
How do I get past the middle section of floor 18 in the spirit tower? 1
How do I get past the ogre in the pirate minigame? 3
How do I get past the third fighting dungen in hyrul? 1
How do I get past the wrecker ball phantom floor? 1
How do I get the Dark Ore to Linebeck? 2
How do I get to the Lokomos? 1
How do I kill the key master? 1
How do I open the door in the snow temple? 4
How do i open the Sand sanctuary? 2
How do I open the staircase to get to Rael? 3
How do I pair the Anouki? 3
How the heck do i get o the fire realm???????????????????????? 3
I need help on floor 30 tower of spirits?please 2
In floor 29 of the spirit tower how do i get to the second eye? 1
Snowdrift Station - Is there more to it? 2
Spirit tower floor 15? 2
The 4th tower? 3
The sand temple flute song is impossible...what gives? 12
Tower of Spirits level 18 - bombs? 1
Tower, Level 4, trying to get extra treasure chest, help?! 2
Train parts? 1
Under sea? 1
What am I supposed to do on floor 29? 2
What sybol do you draw in the tower of spirits? 3
Where are all the "Song of Discovery" hidden places? 4
Where are the 3 keys for Tower of Spirits? (Floors 28-30) 3
Where can I find a guy with a beard and a big nose? 1
Where do I find the whip race? 1
Where do I get a bow and arrow and whip and bomb bag?? How do I get treasure chests up high? 3
Where is the guy who fixes the bridge to the Ocean Realm? 8
Where is the lokomo in woodland sancutary? 2

Other Help Answers
Action replay code for sand lokomo song? 2
Ar code for never getting dizzy? 1
Are there any other places where you have to talk into the microphone? 2
Are there temporary side quests? 2
Can do anything elts with the bunnies? 2
Can someone tell me where some Stamp Locations are? 2
Can you control Link using the circle pad and buttons on the 3DS? 2
Castle town unreachabled house ? 1
Desorientation station? 1
Do I need to replace the stone vessel if it breaks? 2
Dragon Train? 2
Final Song, impossible? 2
Force Gem gave no tracks? 3
Golden dolphins? 1
Has anyone gut 99 of everything? 1
Help with ice? 1
Help with the Doves? 2
How are you able to carry lumber? 1
How can you tell if you've won the postcard game? 1
How come my train's sparks keep going? 1
How do i customise my train? 1
How do I get Ferrus after I've lost him off of the train? 3
How do i get ferrus after some monsters kindnapped him? 2
How do i get the keys from the monsters in the fire realm? 1
How do i get the Song of Birds ? 1
how do I get to a door? 1
How do I get to the one stone in the ocean realm? 3
How do i get to the training hall? 1
How do i grab the helecoptor on level 5 in ocean temple?) 1
How do I make Zelda drop what she's carrying? 6
How do I open the red door of the Take them all on minigame? 1
How do I reach the northwestern rooftop in Hyrule Castle Town? 1
How do I use the portals/warp? 2
How do I use whip to ride on birds? 3
How do the train car parts work? 2
How do u unlock the alternate path in the goron shooting game? 1
How do you get three tears of light on the 9th floor? 4
How do you get....? 1
How do you pass Carben's flute song?! 9
How do you play the lokomo song with the desert lokomo right? 1
How do you score high in the pirate mini game? 2
How long is this game? 3
How many bosses are in the game not including the final boss? 4
How many hearts can you get? 2
How many postcards do I need to send so that I can be in the 1st 3 places? 2
How many rupees can you have at one time? 2
I beat the pirate hide out mission, but... IT WONT START? 1
I can't figure out how to get the Door of Friendship open in the Goron Village in the Fire realm? 1
I can't seem to find where the controls on the train are? 1
I cant figure out how to get through disorientaion staion's cave? 1
I'm bored..............? 2
Is there a 3rd speed for the train? 1
Is there any significance to the pot in the South West of Papuchia Village? 1
Is this a glitch? 1
Is This game for DSlite Too? 4
Is this like the other one? 2
Is this Zelda has any connection like phantom hourglass is the sequel to wind waker? 1
Is zelda tetra from windwaker? 4
Items? 2
Linebeck?! 3
Losing a Heart Container? 2
MailBox Question? 1
Max cucco that can be in sand sanctuary? 1
Multiplayer? 1
Ocean Temple help? 2
Secret cave in snow land ? 1
Secret Ore entrance? 1
Shield of antiquity action replay? 2
Should I buy this? 8
Should I get this or the world ends wiht you? 1
Stamp Book? 1
Take Em' All Out Level 3 prize? 1
The stylus? 1
The train car passenger? 5
This a good game? 6
Train? 3
Were is the song of discovery rocket ship? 1
What are the rewards for each level of Beedle Mebership? 4
What do all the road signs mean?? 2
What do i do in the ocean temple? 2
What do I get when I bring all the Rabbit to the guy at Rabitland Rescue? 4
What do you do in the when you 1st get in the ocean temple? 1
What does Anouki mean in English? 1
What happens with Teacher? 2
What is the game code for the AR for spirit tracks? 2
What is the point of Ferrus' report, and how do I get him to start it? *minor spoilers* 2
What is this thing? 3
What's the symbol that replaced the Triforce on this game? 2
Where do i go? 1
Where do I look to see how many force gems I have? 4
Where have the evil trains gone ? 1
Where is a cold and clear body of water? 3
Where is the door behind the castle? 1
Where is the Goron Shooting Gallery? 1
Where is the plains to the east? 1
Where is the skating rink located? 2
why can't I get Iron? 1
Why does Link blush when he first meets Zelda? 1
Why doesn't hardly anyone choose my answers when I'm trying to help?! 3
Why doesn't Princess Zelda remember me from the other game? 2
Why is the boss still there when I finished the game? 2
Why is this boss called Volcano at my game? 1
will european games work on US unit? 8
Will there be another game after this one? 1

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